Loss of habitat may cause of diminution for the foreigners

    Year after year Santragachi jheel continuously loosing their migratory foreigners from Siberia in winter. So many types of water birds are the main attraction of the jheel in winter which make the birders enthusiast to spent their time by watching them.
A good enough habitat is considered by the foreigners to rest or spent the winter during their migration period.
During the last couple of years the number of migratory birds are continuously decreasing .
In this year it was a massive diminution. A mid winter waterfowl census organized by Prakrati Samsad counted 800 birds in this 13th January which was 7317 in 2014. Then it goes 7297 , 5474 , 3118 and 800 in this year.
Actually the lose of habitat is the only reason of diminution .
The local corporation have barded the jheel from the islands where the birds used to sit and took rest.
This year made me strange when I saw the left island covered by the plastic bottles and bags. There is nothing but the plastic are the only option left for their resting which may increase their risk factor of life not only the foreigners but also the local residents.
Plying the major role among the non bio-degradable material it pollutes the water similarly. As a result they might be make a kill due to the littering the plastic material into the jheel .
In our eco-system the tag , so called "greatest" should stop littering the plastic material into the water except making them habitat less .