Adventure Film Festival Goa, 2017

One of my Photograph selected and awarded in Goa Film Festival


Most of my nature and wildlife photographs are not published as prints but are also in e-magazine , websites , calendar companies and books . Here's some List of my Publications . You can check it out !


Mt. Ali-Ratni Tibba , 2015

Expedition was sponsored by Extreme Adventure Mountaineering Club, Kolkata & Arete Mountaineering Club, Kolkata


From the beginning there was no one but the nature was one and only friend of him that stirred his blood to be more closer with nature , which is expedited by sporty and exploring mentality of him.
Kaushik Mukhopadhyay is a fulltime Nature , Adventure and Wildlife photographer and a filmmaker. As well as a mountain sport athlete known because his efficiency to capture specific and extraordinary frames while climbing in extreme high risky environment. he used his climbing equipments and techniques to capture wild frames also.
Being an adventurer and when exploration is a basic phenomenon then nothing can stop his exploration from sea to mountain.
In extreme risky environment where the chances of accessibility is less the humble guy is ready to take charge.
He has explored with his team of " Xtreme Xplorers" the snout point of the river Malana and a nearest highly technical rocky peak Mt. Ali-Ratni Tibba in 2015 for the first time in the Indian historic ethos.
His Photographs was awarded in Adventure Film Festival Goa 2017.